Red Hat Platform Course


Course Overview
This is designed for experience Linux system administration who holds a Red Hat certified system administration certification or equivalent skills and who want to broaden their ability to administer Linux system at an enterprise level. Focused on deploying and managing network servers, caching domain name services (DNS), Marie DB, Apache HTTPD, Postfix SMTP, NFS, and Samba sharing concepts..
RHCSA Certification or equivalent experience.
Experienced Linux Administrator wishing to learn automation technique through scripting deployment of key network services and how to manage features Red Hat enterprise Linux.
Course content summary
Chater 1:Controlling Services and Daemons.
  • Controlling Services with systemctl and boot process
  • Using systemctl to Manage Services
  • Controlling Services and Daemons
Chapter 2:Managing IPv6 Networking
  • Review of IPv4 Networking Configuration
  • IPv6 Networking Concepts
  • Interpreting IPv6 Addresses
  • Managing IPv6 Networking
Chapter 3:Configuring Link Aggregation and Bridging
  • Configuring and managing Network Teaming
  • Configuring Software Bridges
  • Configuring Link Aggregation and Bridging
Chapter 4:Network Port Security
  • Managing and configuring Firewalld
  • Managing Rich Rules
  • Writing Custom Rules
  • Masquerading and Port Forwarding
  • Managing SE-Linux Port Labeling
  • Network Port Security.
Chapter 5:Managing DNS for Servers
  • DNS Concepts, Troubleshooting and Managing DNS for Servers
  • Practice: DNS Resource Record
  • Configuring a Caching Name server and unbound as a catching name server
Chapter 6:Configuring Email Transmission
  • Configuring Send-only Email Service
  • Configuring Email Transmission
Chapter 7: Providing Remote Block Storage
  • iSCSI Concepts
  • Providing iSCSI Targets
  • Accessing iSCSI Storage
  • Providing Block-based Storage
Chapter 8:Providing File-based Storage
  • Exporting NFS File Systems
  • Protecting NFS Exports
  • Providing SMB File Shares
  • Performing a Multiuser SMB Mount
  • Providing File-based Storage
Chapter 9:Configuring MariaDB Databases
  • Installing MariaDB
  • Managing Database Users and Access Rights
  • Creating and Restoring MariaDB Backups
  • Configuring MariaDB Databases
Chapter 10:Providing Apache HTTPD Web Service
  • Configuring Apache HTTPD
  • Configuring and Troubleshooting Virtual Hosts, Https
  • Configuring a TLS-enabled Virtual Host
  • Integrating Dynamic Web Content
  • Configuring a Web Application
  • Providing Apache HTTPD Web Service
Chapter 11:Writing Bash Scripts
  • Bash Shell Scripting Basics
  • Writing Bash Scripts
Chapter 12:Bash Conditionals and Control Structures
  • Enhancing Bash Shell Scripts with Conditionals and Control Structures.
  • Bash Conditionals and Control Structures.
Chapter 13:Bash Conditionals and Control Structures
  • Changing the Shell Environment.
  • Working with Login and Non-Login Shells
  • Configuring the Shell Environment